Sunday, June 20, 2010

tidak lagi mem'bibik'

Dear candidates,

First and foremost, we wish to congratulate you for being one of the selected candidates, to join our Sime Darby Management Apprenticeship Programme 2010.

This 1-year training programme will officially commence on Monday, 12 July 2009, starting with the 1-month classroom training which will be conducted at Genting View Resort . Since it is going to be residential type of training, you will be required to stay at the respective hotel. No worries, accommodation and meals will be provided throughout the 1-month classroom training for all apprentices.

yay! akhirnye dapat. mula2 cam xsure nk g ke x cz 12 bulan tu!!!!!!!!! but since mse intrview die ckp dept die so far sume apprentice die serap *2 org je pun thn lepas* n thn ni screening sgt5 ketat so betul2 layak je dapat *aku xckp la aku bagus cz mybe rezki aku je* maka aku pun amik la risiko utk spend my 12 months kat s.darby. bnyk jgk yg terpaksa dikorbankan. hope sume ni berbaloi. amin.

jap2, nk doa jgk wiken dpt balik jmpe fmly, encik syg n tunjuk rajin kat umah bakal mertua 25/7 ni. amin!!!

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