Tuesday, May 05, 2009


top ten reasons u r a TAURUS :-

10. one word - STUBBORN
9. ur motto - better to fight than to switch
8. u love practical shoes
7. we always know what u'll do
6. u work too hard
5. u've never won the "tactful" award
4. u'll eat anything
3. giving up is a foreign concept
2. u r oh so romantic
the no. 1 reason u r a taurus..
is becoz u r born under the sign of the bull!!

p/s: mostly btol...abu pn sme taurus gak...ptt la asyk gdh je...hahhaha


Tfaaaaaa said...

syira si garang
sume btol laaaa.haha

syira said...

mne dpt nme syira si garang ni?
msti ahmad 2 bgtau kn..kn..