Monday, March 02, 2009


hari ni hari bosan sedunia bg pn bce la "English for Malaysian" to kill times...baca punye baca (sbnrnye aku belek2 je), de la section "Mind Your English" ni...mmng klaka btol...

here r sum eg of manglish usage :-
.:. I must change all my tyre. They are botak.
.:. Wah, this type of durian very laku one. Everyday also no more.
.:. You very teruk one. nobody more teruk like you.
.:. so ulu one. Small computer also never see before.
.:. No car or motorcycle in front. Quick! Cut the car!
.:. I die already! Teacher give know my father I fail the exam.
.:. Did u eat finish the nice food I gave you?
.:. My tyres got no flower and cannot eat the road well.
p/s : Manglish stands for Malaysian English...

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